August 09, 2019


Fortune Select Exotica, Navi Mumbai


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What the Event is About? / A Quick Insight

en:fluence is an attempt to create a community of online content creators to foster, nurture & incubate existing as well as new talent.

The summit is a celebration of indigenous Content Creators, their Success Stories & guidance for upcoming / aspiring influencers.


Summit Schedule / What’s in store


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en:troduction Welcome Note

A quick brief and insight about the event by Founder and CEO of en:lyft Mr.Ajay Kudva, ex-Digital Marketing Head (SEO & ORM) at Reliance Jio. Coming from a humble background, Ajay is your go to guy for all things related to marketing and planning. He has also contributed majorly in projects like Satyamev Jayate and his experience is one to learn from.

Lead Talk: Primary Pillars of a Brand: Network Building & Communication by Himeesh Madaan

A YouTube influencer who has inspired and entertained many, Himeesh is an expert contributor and speaker about positive thinking, better career choices, relationships, self help and smart ways of achieving your goals. Join to know more about how to make a powerful brand and monetize from your brand online and offline.

Panel Discussion: Influencers in the Marketing Ecosystem

Industry veterans to come together to discuss the role of Influencer Marketing, the challenges faced during campaign management and how to bridge the communication / expectation gap between Brands & Influencers.

Lead Talk: Video Marketing by Amresh Bharti aka Mahatmaji Technical

Amresh Bharti aka Mahatmaji Technical is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and individual’s ability to build together. He is a true inspiration to people and explains how you can overcome your failures and move forward towards success.


A quick session break for lunch which will be resumed by discussion from successful speakers.

Lead Talk: Why and How to Use Humour in Content Marketing by Parvinder Singh

Parvinder Singh is a Standup comedian who featured in The Great India Laughter Challenge 2017. He has a knack of great story-telling and shares his experiences of life and his way of looking at the world. If you are someone who loves a good laugh and appreciate the art of storytelling he is someone you must look out for.

Panel Discussion: Brand Advocacy & Credibility

Top Influencers will share their experience and stories and also help other influencers grow effectively by advising the essential do’s and don’ts which are necessary for their effective growth.


Tea Break for refreshment and informal interaction.

Panel Discussion: When Mainstream Celebrities go Digital

Namrata made her debut in 2018 with her TV serial Chhathriwali. Born and raised in Mumbai she has also done a movie Mrs.Deshmukh. Abhijeet is popularly known for his portrayal of Baaji in the popular TV historical show Baaji. A fitness freak he loves cycling and is also a master at horse riding. Radha is a popular face in Marathi cinema and TV Shows. She’s also part of the soon to be released Bhansali megamovie ‘Malaal’.She was recently awarded the  International Golden Gate award in San Jose, as Best Female Actor for her movie Nati Khel. Ruchira Jadhav is best recognized for having starred in Tujhya Vachun Karmena on Colors Marathi and in the 2018 feature film Love Lafde. Her debut in acting came on television when she starred in Tujhya Vachun Karmena. She gained further recognition in 2012 when she starred in Sakal Karandak. She is known for having won the Best Actress award in 2012 for her performance in Sakal Karandak at the Sarvotkrushta Abhinetri awards.

Unwind – Rajeev Raja

Rajeev Raja is a professional singer based out of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The 24-year old is a famous Himachali singer who loves to sing, compose and write songs in Hindi, Pahari, Punjabi, and English

Prince Chandra

With more than 650K subscribers, this young YouTube enthusiast is someone who has tasted success from a very young age. His vlogs cover almost everything - from Video Editing Tutorials, Gadget Reviews and Unboxing, to Public Reactions and even discussions about the latest news and trends.

Yogendra saini aka Technical Yogi

Founder of Technical Yogi, Yogendra has more than 500k subscribers on his list. If you are on the lookout for unbiased reviews and tips and tricks in the digital front, follow him for sure. Also his videos are in Hindi to ensure he touches a larger audience.

Naveen Pehal

An aspiring YouTube influencer with over 40K subscribers on his channel, Naveen Pehal is a gadget freak who loves to unbox latest phones and compare the latest entrant in the market. If you are someone who wants honest reviews before buying, he is your guy.

Shafiullah AKA Mahi Khan

A channel dedicated to motivational and inspirational videos. Mahi Khan never misses a chance to inspire his audience in a dedicated way. His Down to Earth nature will probably lure you to follow such a strong yet innocent individual.

M.A Utsav aka Utsav Techie

A tech influencer, Utsav is someone whose vlogs easily hit 1.3million in a matter of few hours. He has almost 250K subscribers who trust and follow him for analysis about the latest technology and budget friendly buys.

Sanchit aka TechBar

Sanchit founder of this channel currently has 946K subscribers on his list who religiously follow him for content related to Smartphone reviews,latest tech news and the reality behind phone schemes and offers. He usually vlogs in Hindi and is a hit among tech enthusiasts.

Irfan Saiyed aka ITECH

With a fan base of 1.1M subscribers, Irfan Saiyed aka ITECH is an influencer whose vlogs revolve around mobile applications, latest softwares, unboxing of latest gadgets and much more.

Ramesh Bakotra

Listed among the Top 15 percent of influencers based on subscribers in India, Ramesh has a fan base of about 850K. That is huge! He really loves putting gadgets to test and we’re talking not just about basic reviews and speed test but heat testing, gorilla test and a lot more.

Himeesh Madaan

India’s Leading Motivational Speaker and an inspiration to many, Himeesh is driven by a passion to encourage people.He is a performance coach who can bring out the best in everyone. How to grow in business, boost your confidence, life solutions, he has an answer to all. He is also someone who has featured in the Financial Times ( London) edition.

Sandeep Dabas aka Tech Vani

Business Head at Digital Indya, Sandeep has his own YouTube channel that has grown exponentially to almost 74K subscribers who follow him religiously regarding latest tech news and updates, affordable buys and tips to becoming successful in the digital front. He is also very active on Twitter!

Akshay Aggarwal

A Crypto enthusiast,Gamer,Blogger and YouTuber, Akshay Aggarwal is an all rounder with a fan following of over 173K subscribers. He is also the founder and Editor in Chief of Gadget Diary. He also has some travel vlogs that are worth watching.

Gaurab Nandi aka Qdigita

A tech influencer and founder of YouTube channel Qdigita, Gaurab’s vlogs talk about smart investments, digital how to’s, and a few unboxings.

Atab Mollick aka My Phone Solutions

Founder of the channel My Phone Solutions, Atab’s content usually is about latest offers across brands and sites like Amazon, Jio, Paytm etc. He also reviews gadgets and loves unboxing new products and putting apps and software updates to test.

Prabhjeet Virk aka Perfect Gadget

Prabhjeet is a YouTube tech influencer with a fan base of 14K. His content revolves around unboxing, latest gadgets and latest user interface upgrades and smart features you didn't know about.

Muhammad Ubaid aka OS-Online Solution

192K subscribers! Yes, that is the following for his channel OS-Online Solution. Ubaid focuses on updates in technology, to buy or not and gadget reviews.

Shagufta aka My Kitchen My Dish

If you are someone who has a passion for cooking, Shagufta is an influencer to watch out for. Her channel My Kitchen My Dish is loaded with authentic Indian, Pakistani and Continental dishes. You’d be glued for sure!

Sandip aka Tech Droid Hindi

Sandip founder of Tech Droid Hindi is a tech lover with almost 1.9M subscribers. His vlogs talk about the latest apps, computer tips for smart upgrades and mobile root and modification.

Amresh Bharti aka Mahatmaji Technical

A channel started in 2016, Amresh Bharti aka Mahatmaji Technical has 4 million subscribers who follow him religiously for content around smart studying, smart investment and financial growth strategies.He is an inspiration to many as he himself has overcome hurdles and financial setbacks in life.His personal experience is what helps him connect with his audience better.

Munna Kumar aka Android Mobile Solution

Started in 2017, Rahul Saha’s Android Mobile Solution is a channel dedicated to decoding and providing solutions to common android software issues, tips and tricks and hidden features. His channel also covers the latest news and updates in technology.

Amal PS aka Malayali Tech

Founder of the YouTube channel Malayali Tech, Amal’s vlogs are focused on Smartphone and Gadget reviews, and First Impressions for Apps and Games. He also loves doing tutorial videos and is a popular influencer in the Malayalam Community.

Arlin Joseph aka Arlin Vlogger Tech

This Malayali YouTuber is the founder of the channel Arlin Vlogger Tech. His videos are short and to the point and mainly focus on Tips and Tricks for Apps like Whatsapp, Gadget reviews and how to monetize from social platforms.

Praveen Kumar AKA Hindustani Helper

Hindustani Helper not only enlightens about tech but also about all the tutorials, tricks, technical geeks, reviews, unboxings and much more all in HINDI.

Manjunath aka Kannada Tech

A Kannada Vlogger, Manjunath started his channel Kannda Tech in 2016 and has been immensely popular for his Free Online Tech Classes. If are looking for the latest tech updates and unboxing reviews, he is someone to definitely check out.

Niraj Patel aka NikoLogy

His channel Nikology is all about inspirational and motivational videos, His videos are hardly 7-10 minutes long but impact you for life.

Shrawan Kurmavanshi

He is a motivator. His videos talk about life struggles and how to deal with them. His vlog ‘The Last Phone Call’ got him 1.7 Million views.

Parvinder Singh

Who knew comedy could make you successful or be a career option? Well Parvinder is someone who loves taking life with a pinch of humour. In all good sense, he loves taking up situations we face each day but those that remain unnoticed in our busy schedules and turn them into something you could laugh about but with a moral behind it.

Ruman Shaikh aka TechBuzz

With over 1 lakh subscribers, his channel Tech Buzz is dedicated to vlogs about hacks for latest smartphones, first impressions and views and Automobile news. He also attends to personal queries about smartphones and other gadgets.

Mohammed Sitare aka Hoga Toga

With over 2 million subscribers Mohammad Sitare, founder of Hoga Toga, a Hindi vlog channel, vlogs about the latest applications in the market, smart gaming tips and tricks and gadget reviews.

Faizan & Ashu aka ANS Entertainment

Co-founders of the channel ANS Entertainment, these guys are into short films oh humanity and other social causes and well as healthy pranks. Their Ghost prank reached 1.8+ million views!

Vivek Suri aka Born Creator

He started off as a passion superbike vlogger, and then expanded to other areas such as bikes,cars, travel vlogs and much more. He re-created his channel under the name Born Creator and has been successfully vlogging ever since.

Gunjan Taneja

A fitness and health enthusiasts, Gunjan is a popular TikToker who uses the platform for her fitness videos. With TikTok gaining immense popularity in India, Gunjan has smartly used the same for her own growth and exposure to a larger audience.

Praval Sharma aka Sharmaji Technical

A popular Hindi Tech Reviewer who started his channel in 2015 and presently has 1million subscribers.if you usually look for vlogs on latest unboxings, discussions about latest Tech updates and videos about popular queries, he is the guy you should be following.

Amit Khare aka Ask CarGuru

Almost 18 years in the Automobile industry, Amit Khare has seen the highs and lows of the field up, close and personal and has been a true critic when it comes to reviews about the same. He has more than 6 Lakh subscribers and someone to definitely look out for.

Sana Sultan Khan

A passionate fashion blogger, she is most active on Instagram. Her easy makeup guide has hit over 1.1 million views. She also has been awarded the ‘Influencer of the Season’ hosted by Adidas Creators. If you are looking for inspiration in the fashion space then she is definitely someone you must follow.

Dino James

A rapper, writer and composer, Dino has over 2 million subscribers on his list. His latest track is ‘Girlfriend 2.0’, and has reached over 2 million views already. 

Alok Parande

A self-made music icon, Alok is the PR manager for the most popular music band Euphoria. His close association with music and musicians makes him the ideal man to discuss everything about music in the digital space.

Mihir Joshi

A singer and former RJ with All India Radio, Mihir’s passion for music led him to start his own band in 2005. He has his own talk show on YouTube by the name ‘The MJ Show’ where he chats with the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry

Muhammad Osama aka Android Tech

An aspiring youtuber, Muhammad Osama has tasted success very young with his YouTube channel Android Tech which covers aspects like  technology, latest updates, reviews and gadget upgrades. He has a fan following of over 87K.

Sarvan Kumar aka IndianJugadTech

Founder of the YouTube channel Indian Jugad Tech, Sarvan has deeply invested himself to creating vlogs about latest offers and smartphone launches. He also does a few unboxing videos and has Q & A session every Sunday.

Radha Sagar

A popular Marathi actress, Radha is a popular face in Marathi cinema and TV Shows. She’s also part of the soon to be released Bhansali mega movie ‘Malaal’. She was recently awarded the International Golden Gate award in San Jose, as Best Female Actor for her movie Nati Khel. With 13.5K followers on Instagram she is definitely someone to watch out for.

Namrata Pradhan

An Indian television actress and model,Namrata made her debut in 2018 with her TV serial Chhathriwali.

Abhijeet Shwetchandra

An actor, model and fitness freak, Abhijeet is popularly known for his portrayal of Baaji in the popular TV historical show Baaji.

Ruchira Jadhav

An Indian Actress best known for her role in Tujhya Vachun Karmena aired on Colors Marathi. She won the Sarvotkrushta Abhinetri Best Actress Award in 2012. She is also very active on Social Media and has a fan following of 209K on Instagram.

Ravi Shankar Pathak AKA My Primary Solution

Ravi Shankar usually makes videos which are related to tech, application reviews and gadget unboxing videos. He has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Shekhar Mishra AKA Stay Inspired

Stay Inspired is a budding motivational YouTube Channel. He makes amazing short motivational videos which will inspire you to be a better human being everyday.

Oye it’s Prank

Nita Shilimkar popularly known as the Cuteness Girl is an Indian TikTok & YouTube Creator. She along with Ajay Gundu is part of Oye it's Prank which mainly includes prank videos.

Disclaimer: The Agenda and Speakers for the event are subject to change as per availability and sessions can be updated at any point of time. The event or its organizers are in no possible way responsible for any change in schedule.

Event Speakers / Success Stories and a lot more

Sana Sultan


Praval Sharma

aka Sharmaji Technical

Himeesh Madaan

Motivational Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Author | YouTube Influencer

Palash Sen


Amresh Bharti

aka Mahatmaji Technical

Amit Khare

aka Ask Carguru

Gunjan Taneja

TikTok Star

Parvinder Singh

Stand Up Comedian

Rajeev Raja

Professional Singer

Harsh Jain

Co-Founder and COO at GROWW

Umesh Upadhyay

President & Media Director at Reliance Industries Limited

Vishal Sampat

Founder - Convonix | Chief Digital Officer - Jio | Angel Investor

Rohit Bansal

Group Head of Communications at Reliance Industries Limited

Saurabh Sancheti

Chairman's Office, Reliance Industries Ltd.

Mandeep Singh

Head of marketing and digital experience(Aegon Life)

Shvetank Naik

Lead Strategy, Digital Marketing @ Jio

Savio Joseph

Co-Founder at 3 Bandar

Ajay Kudva

Founder & CEO en:lyft

Mihir Joshi

Music Composer

Namrata Pradhan


Abhijeet Shwetchandra


Alok Parande

Music Composer

Radha Sagar


Disclaimer: The Agenda and Speakers for the event are subject to change as per availability and sessions can be updated at any point of time. The event or its organizers are in no possible way responsible for any change in schedule.

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